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With its latest Web Analytics solution Analyzer III AT Internet plays a fundamental role in the profound change that is taking place in online marketing and decision-making professions, giving each employee increased agility.

From implementation and reporting through to analysing and interpreting online data, Analyzer III’s new features will considerably improve responsiveness, flexibility and performance.

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Analyzer III’s philosophy focuses on professional effectiveness, in other words helping you to optimise both your and your company’s performance. AT Internet has developed a Web Analytics solution which best meets your business needs thanks to reporting tools, advanced request and export features, and an easier implementation method.

Time saved in the operational phases means that more time can be devoted to data analysis, decision-making and action-taking.

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Analyzer III is 100% customisable providing each employee with an adaptable web analytics tool that meets their business sector needs. From traffic managers and publishing managers, to SEO and merchandising teams, each team will benefit from decision-making data that corresponds best to them.

Discover the roles that will benefit the most from Analyzer III’s new innovations.



Claire, digital analyst

  • Autonomy – Simple, progressive tagging without the need for technical assistance.
  • Flexibility – Made to measure reports and dashboards or quicker reporting.
  • Exhaustive analysesUnlimited real-time crosses of metrics and web dimensions.
  • Reliability and performance Secure, accessible data to guide the company’s online strategy.

Digital analysts are unlimited in manipulating and exploiting their online data, and in combining custom metrics with segments thanks to the use of SaaM (Segment as a Metric) technology. Another major asset, the new data generator, lets analysts create and freely organise information to create and export reports and dashboards adapted to their KPIs with the simple click of a button. The improvements gained in productivity give analysts more time to work on analyses.





Jenny, marketing manager

  • Responsiveness Real-time marketing campaign analysis and monitoring.
  • Accuracy Refined audience segmentation thanks to custom metrics.
  • Market knowledge Exhaustive reporting with exploitable indicators.
  • Opening Analytics data is easier to integrate into marketing tools (adserver, email marketing platforms, CRM, etc.).

The advanced information testing and segmentation features allow marketers to contact their customers quicker and engage them more effectively in order to improve conversions. Connecting the analytics platform and the company’s Web marketing ecosystem (adserving, emailer, BI, CRM etc.) provide marketing professionals with incomparable customer knowledge and an improved vision of their activity.






Tom, technical manager

  • Speed Record implementation deadlines, simple and progressive tagging.
  • Power Storage and calculation equivalent to BI tools, flexibility and real-time.
  • Flexibility – RESTful API technology for simplified data imports/exports.
  • Assurance A tagging sandbox to test tags before they are released online.
  • Alerts A technical monitoring tool which is integrated directly as standard into the interface.

Thanks to Soft tagging technology, the implementation phase becomes quicker and easier at a lower cost. RESTful API technology allows for more flexible connections with a company’s other systems. Observer, our performance monitoring tool, which is integrated into the platform, monitors web page and server performance and availability in real time.






Mark, managing director

  • Reliability Coherent, credible information used for decision-making.
  • Efficiency Strategic management via updatable, dynamic web analytics dashboards.
  • Standards High commitment levels to service performance.
  • Vision Consolidation and uniqueness of company data.

Decision-makers can also rely on the highest performance commitments, and on high quality data to undertake actions. Crossing company information (CRM, BI) with web data will also provide marketing professionals with a 360° vision of how their marketing activity is performing.





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With the  release of Analyzer III, AT Internet is expanding its offer of professional services to provide new tagging, reporting and analysis methods. Exploiting your data requires sound business knowledge and a sound understanding of the tools that you use, and your developing expertise is a key factor to your success. These innovations not only allow AT Internet teams to intervene directly during the implementation and configuration phases, but they also contribute to accelerating them.



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